Video Marketing Services and the Use of Voice Over

Video Marketing Services

Video Marketing Services and the Use of Voice Over

Video marketing has been around for far longer than you might expect, with records dating back to as early as 1941, but it’s only since the early 2000’s that it’s been adopted on a large scale, crossing oceans and industries.

The launch of YouTube in 2005 made creating and distributing video content far more accessible for the average consumer – far overshadowing the likes of Vimeo which had been launched the year before – enabling content to be used for business and marketing purposes as well as personal recreational use. Having been acquired by Google the following year for an estimated £1.65 billion, video content now makes up a huge proportion of online content – an estimated 80% of all website traffic to be precise. What’s more, we can’t see this progress slowing any time soon. As more and more people find themselves reliant on the world wide web – whether they want to be or not – many businesses are dropping paper advertising in favour of more dynamic methods like video work and social media content. Last year saw a huge increase in the number of TikTok downloads too, with businesses now turning to the platform on top of YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, the list goes on!

How does video marketing benefit a business though, and how can professional voice over help?

Well, needless to say, video marketing is far more engaging than the average flyer, and can lead to better quality conversions, higher return on investment, improved google ranking and more shares on your social media. Don’t simply take our word for it though! A report published by Voice Over Herald found that:

  • Explainer videos especially can increase conversion rates by 65% when placed on the home page.
  • The average time that consumers spend on a website increases to 2 minutes if the site has an embedded explainer video and can help reduce bounce rate.  
  • Explainer videos have a greater chance of being found on search engines, thus improving your online visibility.


In fact, explainer videos in particular are a common occurrence in the marketing strategies of many businesses. Wyzowl, explainer video specialists, found that 81% of businesses feel that their explainer videos help them to increase sales, and 84% of consumers convert after watching.

According to Growth by Design, a full-service marketing agency in Sussex and our consultancy of choice, viewers are able to retain and recall 95% of a video message as opposed to just 10% of text, so you can see why video marketing is often the favoured method.

However, there is little point in utilising video marketing if not done properly.

At Chatterbox Voices, we offer professional voice over services – and voice actors – for a range of corporate marketing projects, whether it be an explainer video for clients or training videos for colleagues and employees. Thus, we know a great deal about what to do (and what not to do!) to capture the attention of your consumers.

So, why use professional voice over compared to amateur audio?


By recording voice over with industry experts like Chatterbox Voices, you will benefit from high-quality audio recording from both a technical and delivery standpoint. The expertise of our sound engineers, married with the state-of-the-art equipment in our various studios, will enable a clean and smooth recording experience with a final result worth shouting about!

When done correctly, your video and voice over content will be free of the background noise or inconsistent levels that littler amateur voice overs, with a level of professionalism that cheaper alternatives cannot achieve.

Remember, your marketing materials are reflective of your brand, so well executed marketing content will assure your consumers of your high standards and professionalism.


When working with Chatterbox Voices, you’ll have access to our extensive data base of professional voice artists. With over 1000 voices to our name, in 80+ languages, you really are spoilt for choice.

Moreover, working with trained voice actors has a plethora of benefits in itself. Our artists are specialists in bringing your script to life and are able to convey emotion and excitement using just their voice, to ensure your audience is fully engaged. Not everyone is able to achieve this, and it takes a great deal of experience to get right.

We’ll also be able to help you with any translation or localisation requirements of your projects, reflecting the nuances and inflexions of voices from different cultures, to ensure your marketing content mirrors the very audience you are targeting.


Using a human voice and taking into consideration the cultural differences of your audience helps to humanise your business and develop a relationship of trust between yourself and your consumer. This, combined with the professionalism of your marketing content will help exhibit your credibility, reliability, and expertise, encouraging a lead to convert. This works especially well through video testimonials of your existing clients – something to keep in mind for your future marketing strategy.

Now, we suspect you may like the sound of video marketing, but potentially thinking “where do I start?”

Having worked with Growth by Design on several occasions, we would personally recommend them for any content marketing queries you may have. Henry and Tim, the Co-Directors and their wonderful team offer cost-effective solutions for business owners like yourself who are considering the use of video for their marketing strategy. Depending on your requirements, they can help you with:

  • Testimonial videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Meet the team videos
  • Landing page conversion videos
  • Training videos
  • & much more!


To find out more about their film services and video marketing campaigns, visit their dedicated website page. Alternatively, they offer an entire marketing toolkit, elements of which can be used as part of wider digital marketing strategies and print materials, so if you have any queries at all, drop them a line.

Alternatively, if you have a direct voice over query, or need a voice recording for your video marketing content, contact our team today. You can reach us on 0203 744 3558 or email We look forward to hearing from you.

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