This Month’s FAQs for July

July Monthly FAQ's

This Month’s FAQs for July

What do I need to prepare for voice casting or video recording, and what do I need to send to the agent? 

Once you know all the details of your project and what you will need from a voice artist, we will need a brief of your project, combined with a description of the type of voice you’re looking for which will help us to find the right VO artist for you. 

If you have a script that you would like us to use for your project, and any audio sound effect files that the voiceover would run over, then this will also help when we come to your casting. 

How can our agent help me choose the right voice for my project?

Our agents will be able to identify the type of voice that would work well with your project from the brief that you provide. From this, we will then start to look through our current talent of over 1000 professional voice artists and select the ones that will be a fit for your project. 

How soon can a voice talent be booked?

Our voice talents can often be booked within just 24 hours. If the artist is not available within 24 hours, we will look to when their next availability is and go from there.

If you have a big project that will require multiple talents, then we will need as much notice as possible to organise the required artists.

We are always transparent with you when something might not be realistic, but we will aim to deliver within your deadline.

How soon can my project be recorded and delivered?

As soon as we receive the assets and material for your project, we can start recording. 

This would consist of the script that you want to be recorded, and any other material such as the video you want the voiceover to overlay, or the music and sound effects that you need to be included. This is so the artist can familiarise themselves with the assets prior to recording. 

If you do not require any video or additional audio and just want voiceover delivered on a strict time code, we can also accommodate.

What do I need to do to avoid the need for re-records?

To avoid re-records, we recommend that you listen in while the talent is recording so that you can flag any areas that don’t fit with your brief. 

Areas that you may flag could be pronunciation, accent or tone. We can then record alternative takes for certain lines if you are not sure what you would prefer. 

If your script contains abbreviations, foreign names or brands, then a pronunciation guide will help avoid the back and forth for re-recording. 

The script that you send to us must be in its final version, meaning that no further changes will happen while the session is recording. If you do have amendments to the script, this will result in callbacks and incur further costs. 

If you have any further questions or would like to enquire about our services, then please do call on +44 (0) 203 744 3558 or email us at Our friendly team are happy to answer any question you may have!

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