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Session Check List

*Please ensure that you have ascertained whether we are to simply supply the VO or to provide a ully mixed track, in which case M & E tracks should be supplied in advance. If recording voice to picture for i.e. a video: Are we simply supplying audio or laying back to video files? What file format is required - Wav or MP3?

If you need the audio to be laid back to the video, we will need a high resolution video to work with. We cannot work to videos from social media sites, such as Vimeo or Youtube.

*Videos should be sent in advance to ensure the studio has enough time to get them converted to a format that we can use and implement them into the project, ready for a prompt start.

*If you or your client wishes to listen into the session (remote access), please make sure you let us know whether a conference call should be set up or whether it is to be via ISDN, Skype or TBU?

*We must receive scripts 24hrs prior to the recording, unless otherwise is specifically agreed beforehand. Please note that scripts must be formatted in a way that can easily be read and in a format that we can print. Excel documents do not necessarily print well and often miss out lines not in view. Languages such as Arabic, Mandarin & Japanese should be provided as PDF documents as well. (Word/Excel have proven problematic with languages that read from right to left when an English word is inserted in the middle of sentences.)

*Please ensure that all translations have been checked before delivering to the studio, as we cannot be held responsible for recording a script with grammatical or factual errors in it.

*Please ensure the translation fits the duration of the video. More often than not foreign languages take longer to read than English and so the translation must be adjusted accordingly. Languages such as Portuguese and Mandarin, for example, are 15% longer than English. We will of course ensure the voice artist tries to match the video as much as possible, however time is wasted in the studio either cutting client approved scripts or trying to get the voice to read faster and faster.

*When supplying a translated script, please bear in mind that it is useful to have the English on one side of the page and the foreign on another side with time codes, this makes it easier for the voice artist and engineer to successfully follow the script during a record.

*Please ensure we know what the deadline is for delivery.

For any foreign language sessions we recommend booking a linguistic director – a qualified native speaker who can attend the session and make sure the script is recorded correctly. In the unlikely event that the project is re-recorded we would correct at no extra charge providing it was a mistake on our end and not caused by:


If the client is not attending the session, we recommend supplying us with a PRONUNCIATION GUIDE in order to avoid any ambiguity. This particularly applies if we are to record a technical or academic script or a script with unusual names, pronunciations, abbreviations, company lingo etc. Unless we are provided with a pronunciation guide we cannot be held responsible for any mispronunciations.

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