Why Subtitles are a Must for

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Why Subtitles are a Must for

Subtitles are the superheroes of translation. They break down barriers between languages and bring some much-loved movies to life. They have a wide range of uses and can be an important part of our day to day.

In this article, we explain why subtitles are so vital for accessibility, communication and engagement.


Subtitles for film and TV are a key tool for accessibility. People with hearing loss will use subtitles to watch films and TV shows. This is often spoken audio translated to text, which then enables someone who can’t hear or has limited hearing, to understand what characters are saying.

Without subtitles, people who have hearing impairments would be cut off and unable to watch films or shows. This would then exclude them from consuming video content and alienate them, as tv and film are often pop-culture topics that people discuss daily.

It also can help people who have trouble understanding accents to know what is being said. They can turn subtitles on and understand the context of what they are talking about.

Back in 2017, the Digital Economy Bill was passed, which made subtitles a legal requirement for all VOD (video-on-demand). As most content is now streamed on-demand, this was a welcomed change as it makes streamed content more accessible.


Subtitles have a whole range of uses for people with many different lifestyles. You can often see people use them when on a bus, to avoid disturbing others with their audio when watching a film or TV show.

You might find parents watching their favourite program, but on mute as their little one naps in the afternoon.

Subtitles fit into most people’s day to day life in some way, shape or form. They can be used as an easy way to digest content when out in public and provide a convenient and unique way to watch videos.

People from all walks of life might use them. From your grandparents watching their show mid-afternoon, to your sister sitting in the lounge watching TikTok while everyone else watches TV.

They offer an alternative way of consuming content when otherwise they wouldn’t have the time, space or capability to view it.


Ultimately, translation is one of the biggest uses of subtitles. Not to be confused with captions, which are a transcript of dialogue.

Subtitles are a really useful tool used to enable people in other countries to watch content produced in other countries. Without subtitles, we would struggle to watch shows such as Squid Game or Money Heist.

Subtitles unlock the barrier of language and assist in showing what characters are saying, thinking and feeling. Often people start to pick up the language, if they watch enough of one particular language, through the use of subtitles.

Making sure your translation is coherent is vital to keep people engaged.

Overall, we recommend you make sure that the show or film you are working on has consistency and is translated properly. If you need subtitles for your project, get in touch.


Discover more about our subtitle services by contacting our team on 0203 744 3558 or email us at info@chatterboxvoices.co.uk.

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