Our Studios Are Ready for Hire

Chatterbox Studios

Our Studios Are Ready for Hire

Looking to hire a recording studio for your project? Whether you need to lay down a demo, mix up a commercial or clean up a podcast, our studios are the perfect place to record any project you can think of.

Designed with sound in mind, our studios are ready for projects such as commercials, audiobooks, games, corporate videos and much more.

Here in this article, we breakdown why Chatterbox is the best voice over studio for your project.

voice over studio in london


Our studios are located in Farringdon Central London, which is just an 8 minute walk from the City Thameslink train station, a 7 minute walk from Farringdon station and up to a 7 minute walk from close underground connections.

Surrounded by a variety of restaurants, you know you can get something nice to eat after visiting our studios.

If your project will take multiple days to record, there is a Premier Inn virtually next door to us, so you can stay close to all the action. Alternatively, there are other hotels you can stay in that are just a walk away.


All our studios are fully equipped with top of the range professional recording equipment ready for any kind of project. Our tech will help you achieve the highest-quality audio in our state-of-the-art production hub.

From mics to mixers, we have it here ready for you to use.


We have three bespoke studios here at Chatterbox, ready to use. Each is ready to be utilised for any type of project. Whether you need a podcast studio, a dubbing studio or an E-learning studio, we can accommodate to make sure you get the best from your sessions.

Our studios are all insulated and soundproof to help prevent outside noise interrupting your recording and to prevent sound bouncing around the studio, which would impact your audio.

Our studio hire can be booked for an hour, day or week-long session. Our rates are bespoke to your project and you won’t be charged for setup time, backups or file transfers.

Chatterbox studio with mixer desk and mic set up

Our Team

Included with your time at our studio you will be accompanied by our very own sound engineers. They will support you throughout your sessions to help you achieve the highest-quality audio.

Their knowledge and expertise will be vital to getting the best out of your sessions in the studio. They can guide you through the session and advise of any recommendations to get the best out of your project.


Whatever project you have, we can help bring it to life in our Farringdon studios. You name it, we can do it!

Get in touch today to learn more about our studios and discuss your project with us. Our friendly team are ready to assist.

If you are looking to hire a London studio, then give us a call on +44 (0) 203 744 3558 or email info@chatterboxvoices.co.uk.

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