Our FAQ’s From October

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Our FAQ’s From October

How many voice artists do you have in your books?

Across our 8 years of experience, we have accumulated well over 1,000 professional voice over talents in our books, covering over 80+ languages and with an age range from 5 – 105.

You name it, we have it. While our books are full at the moment, we will always list on our homepage if we are looking to hire any new artists.

We have artists from across the 7 continents, so we can accommodate any localisation projects.

We pride ourselves on our talent and love seeing them flourish, so check out our Artist Spotlight.


How do I find out artists’ availability?

If you have an artist in mind that you would like to use for your project, we will need to check the artist’s availability before booking them in for a session in our studio.

If you are not sure what artist you would like to use, our agents can select a few options for you to review and once a decision has been made on who you would like to use on your project, we will book the artists in for a session in our studio, for a convenient time that suits everyone.


When is the earliest I can book a voice over artist?

Most of our artists are available at a 24 hour notice period, however, we recommend you try to book your artist as soon as you have someone in mind.

This is so we can check if the desired artist is already booked on another project or is not available for that day. If they are not available we can then look to booking another day or sourcing you a different artist.


Do you have an artist portfolio?

Yes, we do! In our portfolio, you can hear snippets of our artist’s vocal work, categorised as commercial, informative, character & video.

You can search our portfolio by country, gender, age & dialect.

We’ve made it easy to get a taste of what our artists can offer. If you are looking for an English female voice actor or a professional male voice over, you will easily be able to find one in our portfolio.

Find a voice in our artist portfolio here.


What is a usage fee?

A usage fee is charged for the use of the artist’s voice. Think of it as hiring their voice for a time period. This is calculated by what format you will be using the artist’s voice, how long you will use their voice and what platforms you will be using this voice.

This fee makes sure that our artists are paid appropriately for the use of their voice. To avoid any increase in usage fee, we recommend confirming these details when you first come to book.


If you would like to book one of our incredibly talented voice over artists, then give us a call on 0203 744 3558, or contact our team at info@chatterboxvoices.co.uk

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