Our FAQ’s From November

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Our FAQ’s From November

Can I hire a studio to record a podcast?

Of course! We encourage anyone looking to produce their own professional podcast, to join us in our London based studios in Farringdon.

We can make your podcast sound incredible with our top of the range equipment and with our talented and awesome sound engineers.

Whether it is for a personal brand or a business, we can help you with your podcast.

Book your podcast session with our team by emailing info@chatterboxvoices.co.uk.

How many studios do you have?

We currently have three studios ready to be utilised for any type of project.

Each area is decked out with a mixing desk ready to capture your audio and an area designed with sound in mind to get the best quality recording.

Even better, you’ll be supported throughout by our very own engineers, and you won’t be subjected to additional charges for setup time, backups, or even file transfers.

Read more about our studio on our studio info sheet here.

How much are your studios to hire?

Our studio hire prices are created on a project-based rate which you can discuss with our team when you get in touch.

Your studio hire cost will be made up of how long you want to hire our studio for, if any edits are needed and if any retakes are needed.

Based on how long you want to hire, pricing can be quoted for a day, week or month. Call our friendly team on 0203 744 3558 to discuss your project.

How do I book one of your studios?

To book one of our studios, you can give us a call or contact our team at info@chatterboxvoices.co.uk.

Our team is always ready to help and guide you through the process of hiring one of our recording studios.

What other projects can I use your studios for?

You name it, we can help capture it.

Any project you have in mind, we can accommodate to make sure you get the best possible audio out of your recording session.

Currently, we work with a variety of companies on projects such as games, animation, audiobooks, podcasts, e-learning, corporate videos and much more.

Why use Chatterbox for my project?

Not only do we have a state of the art production hub with bucket loads of voice actor talent, and expertise on the technical side, but we also take massive pride in our work.

Every job completed is a win for us and with over 5000+ projects completed; we can’t help but be immensely proud of our work.

Our team is dedicated and passionate when it comes to getting the best sound possible. We will go above and beyond to make sure you get exactly what you need for your project.

If we didn’t quite answer one of your questions, get in touch and our team will be able to help.

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