6 Reasons You Should Be Recording an Audiobook


6 Reasons You Should Be Recording an Audiobook

There’s a quiet revolution going on in the world of books. On second thoughts, this revolution is anything but quiet…

That’s right, we’re talking about audiobooks and how they are opening a whole new world of reading to bibliophiles across the world!

Changing the World Through Voice

Audiobooks have been popular now for a number of years. Authors are more likely than ever to consider recording an audio version of their books, and book fans across the globe are also more likely than ever to request an audio version of books.

There are a huge number of platforms for audiobooks, Audible and Google Books being two of the most well-known, and audiobook ‘readership’ is touted to become a billion-dollar industry over the next few years. This may explain why more and more publishers and opening audiobook departments.

Why Should You Record an Audiobook?

If you’re wondering why investing in audio is a good idea for your new book, read on to discover our six reasons why audiobooks are a great idea for authors and publishers alike.

1.     Portable Digital Format

In its very simplest form, audiobooks are tiny digital files that take up no physical space at all. This means that anyone can ‘carry’ an audiobook -or even a thousand audiobooks- in the palm of their hand on their own device.

The reason for the popularity of portable formats, such as eBooks and audiobooks, is the ability to carry as many as you like wherever you like, and listen to them (or read them in the case of eBooks) whenever you want to and wherever you are.

For audiobooks, this is perhaps an even bigger advantage, as more people will listen to an audiobook whilst doing something else. Whether that’s commuting to work, doing the washing up, or listening to a bedtime story in the bath with a glass of wine.

Audiobooks really are the portable format for the future.

2.     Audiobooks Are Always Available

The New York Times Best Sellers list is always a good place to go for the latest in great reads, but what happens when you can’t find the one you want at your local bookshop? You have to wait for days for it to arrive from Amazon or another book retailer, and even then, it might get lost or damaged in the post.

The solution? Audiobooks!

Audiobooks can be downloaded to a device in seconds, and they never go out of print or run out in the bookshop, making them the perfect alternative to that bestseller paper book FOMO.

3.     Audiobooks Reach New Audiences

Millions of people across the world access audiobooks every day, and due to their portable and easily shareable format, they will be more than happy to share links to audiobooks with like-minded friends and family.

A good ‘read’ might prompt one person to share the link in a WhatsApp group or on social media. The people they share it with may then share it with other friends and before long, your book has been recommended and shared to potentially hundreds or thousands of people without you having to do any marketing at all!

That’s not even taking into account the recommended digital shelves of most audiobook platforms too!

4.     Marketing Possibilities

Audio is, at its heart, an easy format to market in the digital world.

Snippets from audiobooks are great for social media, and they are even likely to boost the sales of paper and hardback versions of the books too, as your audience gets excited about your new release.

In fact, many readers who buy the audio version of books and enjoy them, go on to buy paperback versions as a physical reference book, especially in the non-fiction and self-help genres.

5.     You Can Use Your Own Voice

Many publishers choose to use voice actors for their book narration, and here at Chatterbox Voices, we work with some of the best voice actors in the industry to make sure your books get the narration they deserve. This is especially handy for fiction books that may require different voices and accents for different characters.

When it comes to non-fiction books though, many authors prefer to narrate their own books, giving their own voice to their ideas and words.

This is a great idea, and we can help authors by coaching them on how to get the best out of their voices when they narrate, bringing them closer to their audience in the process.

6.     Your Book, but For Non-Readers

Non-readers? Why would non-readers be interested in books, you ask?

When Guttenberg invented the printing press, most people couldn’t read, they had been used to listening to stories handed down through generations, or town gossip spreading the news.

The printing press was an incredible invention and brought reading to the masses, but there are still people who struggle with reading today, have literacy issues, or find it physically difficult to read.

Specific learning difficulties such as Dyslexia and ADHD can make sitting down to read a tiring and frustrating experience, especially for potential readers who may suffer from Irlen Syndrome, which makes reading black on white very difficult. There is also the consideration for people who have sight issues and other physical disabilities that make reading impossible.

It’s not that these people don’t want to read, it’s more that they find it hard to read.

By providing an audio version of your book, you are opening your book up to potential ‘readers’ from every walk of life, and people who may be silently struggling with all kinds of reading difficulties.

Audiobooks have had a huge impact on education, especially for children who suffer from dyslexia and other reading difficulties, allowing them to finally be able to take part in learning and get involved, all because they can listen to the book rather than have to suffer through reading it.

Some of the world’s most influential and successful people are dyslexic, and a simple change in the way they can access materials makes a huge difference.


Have we convinced you to record your next book in audio format?

If you’re thinking about it and have any questions, give the team at Chatterbox Voices a call on +44 (0) 203 744 3558 and our friendly team will be able to help you make the most of your next release.

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