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Open for business as usual!

At these uncertain times we would like to reassure you that here at Chatterbox the health and safety of all our talents, clients, and members of the team is of paramount importance and that we are taking all necessary precautions in order to safely continue our business as usual, including daily risk assessments.

Chatterbox Voices and Alchemy Post studios have always had very strict hygiene protocols in place and with the outbreak of COVID-19 we have further intensified cleaning and sanitizing our studios and office space to best protect our talents, clients and employees’ well-being. All surfaces, headphones and microphones are being cleaned after every single use and we are urging all talents and clients coming to the studios to clean their hands before and after every session, in order to reduce the risk of spreading and to leave the space as clean as possible. Hand sanitizer is located at the entrance of our building and we are well stocked with hand wash.

If you are showing any symptoms of a cold, you will not be allowed access to our premises.

We are globally connected with our clients and can easily link with anyone through Source-Connect, Session Link Pro, Skype, Zoom, phone conference etc. We also welcome opportunities with voices recording from home studios whenever possible.

We can't stress enough how important it is for all of us to approach the current situation with a sense of calm, responsibility and positive proactivity, so we can keep doing what we all love to do, whilst staying safe and protected.

We are closely monitoring the situation and are receiving frequent communication from our HR department. We constantly check updates from Department of Health, Public Health England and WHO to make sure we are taking all necessary precautions to protect everyone.

For voice artists coming in for sessions, please note that our current guidelines are:

  • • every talent brings their own headphones

  • • pop shields are changed frequently and disinfected in between sessions

  • • all surfaces are disinfected in between sessions

  • • talents should wear gloves

  • • no shared pens and pencils

  • • every booth must be fully aired for at least ten minutes in between sessions

  • • talents with even the slightest cold are asked to stay home

  • • any job that could be realistically recorded from home is done from home. Studios can provide tech support to "clean" recordings

  • • no ADR group sessions, every talent is always recorded individually

Wishing you all well and stay safe,

Chatterbox and Alchemy Post team

Chatterbox COVID Risk Assessment

Male and Female Voice Over Artists, UK

Chatterbox Voices Ltd is a thriving boutique sized agency which specializes in professional UK and International Voice Talent at highly competitive prices and quick turn around times.

Our Client List is long and varied and ranges from corporate and commercial giants to smaller publishing houses in the UK as well as world wide.

We also offer Translation, Transcription and Subtitling Services.

ChatterBox Voices features over 400 male and female voice over artists from Dallas to Morayshire, Scotland. And now through ISDN digital lines and the internet, national quality voice over talent is at your beckon and our call, at reasonable non-union rates for your market.



Here at Chatterbox we aim to be your go to resource for insights, advice and engagement with all things audio. We are not here to just make noises – our mission is to set the tone in this ever evolving global audio landscape! So, come and join our Chatterbox Hub podcast and listen up….

We also offer a range of children's voices in several languages, including English, French, German and Spanish. Voice samples available upon request.