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Male and Female Voice Over Artists, UK

Chatterbox Voices Ltd is a thriving boutique sized agency which specializes in professional UK and International Voice Talent at highly competitive prices and quick turn around times.

Our Client List is long and varied and ranges from corporate and commercial giants to smaller publishing houses in the UK as well as world wide.

We also offer Translation, Transcription and Subtitling Services.

ChatterBox Voices features over 400 male and female voice over artists from Dallas to Morayshire, Scotland. And now through ISDN digital lines and the internet, national quality voice over talent is at your beckon and our call, at reasonable non-union rates for your market.


I have been producing Radio and TV for over twenty years and can honestly say you would be hard pushed to find a more switched on, friendly or value for money service than the team at Chatterbox. They not only provide an excellent service but are hugely flexible and, most important for me, very human and understanding of the changing landscape in which I have to work.

Marcus Railton - Pepper Rafferty Ltd

We also offer a range of children's voices in several languages, including English, French, German and Spanish. Voice samples available upon request.